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portfolio: bridal shower

auburn / black diamond - private event

Bridal Shower Planner Seattle Washington

bridal shower

Location: Auburn / Black Diamond

Party Designer: Raquel Babcock / MarQuel's Events

Welcome to our world of enchanting celebrations! Picture this: a stunning outdoor venue surrounded by majestic trees, providing the perfect shady sanctuary for that special bride-to-be. At our recent bridal shower, we curated a magical experience filled with delightful details that will leave you and your guests in awe.

The breathtaking balloon arch from Merriment & Company, was adorned with a captivating palette of rust, orange, cream, and sage colors. Sunflowers took center stage in our exquisite floral installations, adorning the bar and tables with rich tones of rust, red, yellow, and white, adding a touch of nature's beauty to the shower.

The carefully crafted refreshment station included a mimosa bar, sparkling water, and Champagne, all tailored to the guest’s preference.


As the celebration continued, guests enjoyed a mouthwatering buffet spread of homemade BBQ pulled pork sliders, pasta salad, Caesar salad, a bountiful fruit and veggie platter, a charcuterie platter, and irresistible homemade chocolate chip cookies and lemon "cake" cupcakes.

At our events, we believe in transforming your dreams into reality. We specialize in creating personalized and unforgettable experiences, tailored to your unique style and vision. Whether it's a bridal shower, wedding, or any special occasion, we're here to bring your dreams to life. Let's collaborate to design a celebration that will forever be etched in your heart and cherished by all. Get ready to embark on a journey of celebration like no other.


Welcome to your unforgettable event experience!


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