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view from my window...

During COVID, I found this fun group on Facebook called "View from my Window". It was thousands of people posting photos of the outside from inside their window. People from all over the world. In fact I beleive that the admin team for the site had to stop taking photos because they couldn't keep up with all the submissions. Anyways, it was a great time waster to see what was going all over the world while we were shut in. Jump ahead to 2021 - my husband and I found this beautiful piece of heaven in Moxee, WA, just outside of Yakima. Moxee is the Hops capitol of the US. So if you want a great roadtrip, especially in the fall when all the new line of beers come out, now is the time to go. And for those who do not like beer, well let me tell you about all the different wineries in the area. OH MY!!! Still finding new ones all the time and the weather over the mountain pass is fabulous!!

OK - back to this photo above. It has become my View from my Window. This is my happy place - 10 acres of hillside that we purchased to build our future home on. The dry grass is my spot, the green hillside and beyond is my view. Recently my husband and I have been dreaming again. What kind of a house will be build? How big or small? What kind of events will we do on the property? When can we move? What about the economy? What about interest rates? All the what if's - whens- how to's of life just keep flooding in with no real answers, yet. But at the end of the day, this is the view. This is my dream, and this is my vision. I keep this in sight so that decisions I make align with my dreams so that eventually when the time is right, the dream or vision will come true.


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